Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Be yourself...


OK, I got the message, ADIDAS just spat on my face with its new billboards. Angie, 19, she's got 19 yoga students in her class. Only one, she focused on. Herself. I like that actually. Love yourself, be yourself. Do something for yourself. Not for others. Buy Adidas, for yourself. Don't listen to your auntie.

Well, the critical question is this : Since when we do things purely to satisfy ourselves ( even sex)

How many influencers do tell us to do things to satisfy someone else ? Role models have their own scripts. Lets think about some taboos.

- Mother role (living for children) How many mothers can tell that actually they hate their children ? I love my child, she's my baby, an angel, so pure and innocent ! Yeah, sure...Script is right there. Read it loud.

- Father role (living for children + wife occasionally) How many fathers can tell they actually want to run away, be free and enjoy life ?

The list goes on and on. Marketing research is useless to reach out the hidden gem, the truth. Script is read and acted, only an inspired marketer can move beyond masks and may touch the desires hidden.

- How many of us wanted to do something really really obscene but afraid of damages to hir public image ?

The list goes on and on. My take on this subject is this :

- Lets create symbols /artifacts/ products for "forbidden individuality" which can help people "be themselves" behind a safety net

Hey, dont get me wrong, i am not here to sell t-shirts to serial killers, however, i want you to think about it. What can be done to free the mind and body behind a safety net, at least symbolically ?

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