Saturday, November 28, 2009

Free Will vs. Marketing

The biggest myht of all times is free will I guess. Before I come to that I will inject a little bit nostalgia to this article.

When I was working for Toyota back in the days, there was one interesting method to uncover the source of any problem faced. It was called "5 why". Simple as it seems, it holds a deep wisdom in itself. 5 is just a symbolic number, the aim is to reach a point where you won't need to ask another why to fully clarify the matter. Root cause analysis is another name for it, however its simplicity had made it elusive to me until I fully realised its potential for marketing.

Fast forward to now, in one of my blog articles, I tried to explain what a reality bubble is. In a nutshell, a reality bubble is :

- Pre-programmed set values to respond to outside stimulu

What ?

- Pre-programmed (all humans are programmed to a certain extent, unfortunately not by themselves)

- Set values (programmers dictate the values that the human software will take into consideration)

- Response to outside stimulu (everything and anything reaches to brain is interpreted by the programm and measured against the set values. Any variance demands response. A simple control loop)

And here comes "5 Why"...Let's say you've just read this blog until this point and your blood started to boil. Ask yourself why. Did you recognize something bothersome ? Maybe my mockery of "free will" ? But why are you angry ? (second why)

Actually every emotional response is automatic. A part of the human software. If you dig deep enough what you will find out is how this emotional response is programmed as a control loop into your software. But people do not dig deep.

...people do not dig deep. Life is most of the time on automatic pilot. Free will is a myth. I think only Mr.Spock can have a free will and really enjoy it.

So, as a marketing professional, I ask myself this crucial question :

- How can I understand the programm of my targeted customers ?

You can always de-programm and re-programm but such strategies need lots of money. You can surf on the wave of robotic behaviour of your customers in a much cost effective way than trying to change their reality bubbles. Don't get me wrong, change happens. But change happens as long as the deeper structure of human software allows it.

I will try to uncover the human software in coming articles and share with you some ideas about riding the wave of robotic behaviour of customers.

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