Friday, November 6, 2009

Repetition matters...

Repeating has a morbid effect. After sometime, it makes u a believer. Brain is plastic. Perception is plastic. If ur exposed to enough repetition , things become real for you. How ?

You have to keep your reality bubble alive with positive feedback. You have to think in the way what your reality bubble contains and prove it with selective perception. Thinker thinks, prover proves. If your reality bubble takes a dent, you are in trouble. You will feel insecure, try to refute the new information, try to mend the crack.

But, if repetition persists, then you will slowly realize that ur reality bubble ( your selective perception and world view) is changing. Example :

- Spend a year with truck drivers, go to the same bars they go, drink with them, talk to them, laugh at their jokes

- Soon you will be a truck driver too. Repetition matters.

Think about the political campaigns. Repetition of a singular message makes magic. Problem for the campaigner is that he should find the sharpest message to crack into your reality bubble. Once he is in, he will re-construct the reality for you bit by bit. It starts with a repeating singular message. It ends in total control of your reality bubble. A separate reality he constructs.

A marketer should penetrate into the reality bubbles of people. Repetition is a sharpened arrow to open a crack. However, it starts with a small point where you concentrate your strength. So, repeating message should be simple and single. It is your arrow to drill a hole in the reality wall.
You keep on drilling and eventually there will be a hole to get in. It may not be that big, so u should narrow your focus. You should push something squeezable into that narrow passage.

Your concentrated singular message is your virus. Repetition matters.

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