Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sinful Thoughts

Customize your customer...

Once a wise man called Buckminster Fuller said that "
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

That's what needs to be done in marketing. All right, all right, I can hear you scream, what do we make of the contradiction in this preaching.

- Don't fight the existing reality
- Make it obsolete at the same time

Another wise man Jack Trout once wrote if u cant find a good position for urself in the mind of the prospect, then undermine the position of the competitor (depositioning), make his reality obsolete in Fuller's terms.

- I do not care about the existing reality of the competitor
- However, i do everything to make the consumer to live in MY reality bubble (so u should have something different to offer)

Living in my reality bubble ? Think about it...Think about cults. Each one of them has a reality bubble. Once ur sucked in, all the others reality bubbles are obsolete for u. Think about it. You created a brand ? Or a reality bubble which filters the sensory inputs coming to ur prospect in a way that your customer stays exactly where u want him to stay ? At least as a metaphor.

Can you do it ? Can you shape the reality of your customer in a way that existing reality becomes obsolete for him ? Is it too much ? How about fashion ? Shoulder pads in 80's and flannel in 90's...What makes you think EXACTLY what is fashionable ?

For me, a brand should create a complete package. A sensory model to explain the world to your customer. What is cool, what is uncool...So, this is anti-customization. With your reality model, you will customize ur customer. Is it too much ? Think about fashion, think about religion once again.

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