Monday, November 23, 2009

There is no truth, everything is permitted...

Try to find 5 reasons why walking naked in public is a bad thing and explain them to a nudist. Or better, try to find 5 reasons why the bucket in the corner is the creator of the universe and explain them to your strictly religious colleague in the office.

Let's face it, truth is a numbers game. If enough number of people accepts a certain reality bubble, truth will be shaped by their perceptions.

- The bucket in the corner. If somehow, a critical number of followers has been awarded to the bucket cult, we've got a new reality, an accepted truth by the majority. The bucket is the new paradigm.

- What if fully clothed lifestyle becomes minority in the public ? You are the outcast with your 3 buttoned suit.

So, the truth changes according to the dominant reality bubble's references. But what are the forces shaping the reality bubbles ? How can we push our own reality bubble to claim the ownership of the truth ?

Actually, some thinkers in marketing say that you should not. Play according to the rules, minds do not change, don't waste your advertising money. I agree. However,

- Reality bubbles do not have "infinite" number of references to cover all the possibilities life can throw at them

- Differentiation is the key to sneak into a reality bubble, differentation saves the day as you can avoid direct competition with accepted paradigms. To survive, you have to find yourself a place in the mind where the existing model does not have an undisputed dominance.

Once you establish yourself on that virgin land, you can work upwards, downwards, left and right to extend your influence. But don't forget, YOU SHALL NOT TRY TO COMPETE with the existing reality. You should separate yourself as a DIFFERENT realm of existence.

- If your job is to sell cigarettes, do not try to refute health concerns. (I think this lesson is learned)

There is one interesting thing about differentiation. People do not understand what you are talking about unless you use something familiar to explain. So, once you have a good differentiation point, use FAMILIAR things to explain yourself. Study the existing reality bubble to decide what is familiar for (targeted) people.

And remember. There is no truth. Everything is permitted as long as the numbers are enough.

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