Monday, November 16, 2009

What is a reality bubble ?

I am right, you are wrong. Evindence ? Doesn't matter, as long as I believe that I am right, I am right. This is a classic statement of a reality bubble. Let's explore it closely...

A reality bubble is a set of assumptions about the quality of experiences of an individual. In everday language, it is our faith in our assumptions about true nature of things. Once we put our faith into our beliefs to help us explain the world, we want to stick to it. Change requires another set of beliefs to replace the existing one. So, one model goes, another comes in. Humans always use models to face the world outside.

If we do not use a model to filter and assign meanings to inputs coming from the world, we feel in danger. Uncertanity makes us uneasy. That's why a reality bubble is here to stay, we do not want to let it go. Once we establish a relationship with a brand, we want to believe that brand X has such and such qualities that is for sure. It could be bad, it could be good. Example ? Think about political parties. Once you start to think that party X has such and such qualities, you tend to ignore / undermine the contradicting evidence. Hey, it is what I know after all.

So, a reality bubble is a set of meanings assigned to the inputs from outside world. After some time, it works on a purely emotional level. You just feel the meaning, no thought spared to understand the reality. If another model wants to replace your model, your resistance occurs on emotional level. You feel uneasy. It makes you feel comfortable to go back to your existing model. It is what you know after all.

Let's get back to our opening line. I am right, you are wrong. You must be wrong, because "I" know that I am right. Think about that. Imagine that I am trying to convince you that Earth is flat. By saying Earth is flat, I make you uneasy fundamentally. Something inside you rings alarm bells. This is because this statement shakes the foundations of your reality set. Whole set is about to crumble, more than that your identity is about to crumble. Your reality bubble becomes your identity after sometime. Think about that.

So, how are you going to convince people to change their minds ? Actually you shouldn't. I will explain it in coming blog articles.

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