Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Riding The Wave

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Segmentation by imprints

Up until now, I tried to explain that we are all robots. 85% of human behaviour is programmed. Life functions on automatic pilot. So, what are we going to do with it ? If we leave the robot ethics aside, how can a marketer use this knowledge ? 

- Most crucial knowledge is to know how programing takes place 

We can roughly categorise the programming stages into four:  

1. Bio-survival stage (infant) 

2. Emotional stage (toddler) 

3. Symbolic stage (child) 

4. Socio-sexual stage (preteen / teen) 

Each programming stage imprints certain control loops in the brain. Culture is society's transmission of programming imprints from one generations to other. 

However, accidents happen and you get niches. You get regular imprints for your programming stage from the cultural environment you live in and / or some accidental input which make you different than your neighbor next door. 

Honestly, a good market research should tell me the existing imprints in the society, regular ones and niches. In that way, I will have a good understanding of their robotic behavior. Should I spend my money to go against the imprints or simply play along ?  

Change happens, but on the surface. Deep down, fundamentals never change. Know your imprints, you will know where not to waste money and time.